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  1. Don't tie the blindfold so tight. - I didn't.
    눈가리개 너무 빡빡하게 묶지마
  2. Just keep your blindfold on, Uncle Mitchell.
    계속 눈가리고 계세요 삼촌
  3. Now, while blindfolding myself is easy... the hearing part, it's gonna be tough.
    눈가리개로 가리는건 쉽지만.. 청각은, 좀 힘들것 같아
  4. "They blindfolded him and demanded,
    "그의 눈을 가리고 물어 이르되"
  5. And he was taken there blindfolded.
    그는 눈을 가린채로 끌려갔다는군요
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