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  1. In boxing's heyday, there were only eight weight classes, each with one undisputed champion.
    권투의 황금기엔 체급이 8개뿐이었죠 논란의 여지가 없었습니다
  2. And I'm telling you that pushing him up two weight classes is a dangerous fucking move.
    2체급 위에서 뛰는 건 너무 위험한 일이야
  3. That and the fact that he's jumped three weight classes from where he won his first title.
    처음 타이틀을 땄던 체급에서 3체급이나 올렸어요
  4. Cam F. Awesome becomes the only American to qualify for the Olympic trials in two different weight classes.
    캠 F. 어썸은 두 체급에서 올림픽 선발전 출전 자격을 딴 최초의 미국인이 됐습니다
  5. Kev, you bumped me up two weight classes, it's the night before the fight, you're telling me to be careful?
    절 2체급 위나 올려 놓고 시합 바로 전날 밤에 조심하라고요?
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