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  1. But it seems to have formed an abscess,
    아니예요 내기해요. 당신이 남자친구 집에 들어가면
  2. 'cause the fever could be-- an abscess, early sepsis, pneumonia--
    -왜냐면 열이- -농양, 조기 패혈증, 폐렴,
  3. I said Hunt called you in for an emergent rectal abscess.
    헌트가 직장 농양 수술로 긴급 호출했다고 그랬어요
  4. This abscess will kill him if we don't get it under control.
    우리가 처리하지 못한다면 농양 때문에 죽게 될 거야
  5. Ohh, the abscess has penetrated into his brain since the C.T.
    종양이 C.T 이후로 뇌를 관통했네
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