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  1. Most people are better in the abstract.
    그걸 입었더라면 참 상황이 달라졌을 지도 모르겠네요
  2. It's a retrospective on "post-war abstract expressionism".
    아 물론 다른 분들도 같이 가고 싶으면 같이 가도 되요
  3. You know, he was credited with painting the first truly abstract work.
    Kandinsky의 작품들을 너무 좋아하거든 I'm such an admirer of Kandinsky.
  4. It's about taking a theory, which is abstract, and making it real.
    추상적인 이론을 갖다가 현실로 만드는 거죠
  5. It always seems a bit abstract, doesn't it, other people dying?
    그렇지 않나 타인의 죽음 말일세

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