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  1. You might accidently consume some solid food.
    딱딱한 음식을 어쩌다 씹어 먹을수도 있으니까요(벌레;
  2. I accidently created a pretty nasty computer virus a few years ago.
    내가 우연히 몇 년 전에 꽤 끔찍한 바이러스를 만들었죠
  3. A film star who'd accidently been dropped off at a two-star hotel function room somewhere in Essex.
    한 쌍의 예외는 있었죠
  4. Now, that was a call informing me that while I'd been otherwise engaged, a supertanker on the Thames estuary had been accidently loaded with contaminated crude oil.
    제가 다른 일로 바쁜 와중에 템스강 어귀의 초대형 유조선에 오염된 원유가 실수로 실렸다는 전화였습니다
  5. Accidently formatted the USB flash drive without taking data back up
    실수로 데이터를 백업하지 않고 USB 플래시 드라이브 포맷
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