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  1. Or, more accurately I was out of hers.
    좀 더 정확히 말하면, 내가 걔한테 밀려났다
  2. Or, more accurately, we go through you.
    아니 더 정확히 말해서 우리가 네놈들을 상대해주마
  3. But I cannot accurately estimate that yield.
    하지만 그 폭발력을 정확히 계산하긴 어렵습니다
  4. Oh, excuse me, that is my mother you're talking about, however accurately.
    잠깐만요, 지금 우리 엄마를 그렇게 말씀하시는 건가요? 물론 정확한 표현이긴 하다만.
  5. Well, more accurately, travel back in time. We can't travel into the future.
    좀 더 정확히 말하자면 과거로만 미래로는 갈 수 없고

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