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  1. The kids had no gang affiliation.
    애들은 갱단 소속이 아니었어요
  2. Your big wedge will arrive courtesy of eight to 12 smaller entities with no affiliation to guns.
    자네는 총기와 관련 없는 여러 가지 명분과 큰 호의를 제공받을 걸세
  3. I will not permit considerations of age, disease or disability... creed... ethnic origin... gender... race... political affiliation... nationality... sexual orientation... social standing... or any other factor to intervene between my duty...
    나는 나이 병, 장애 신념
  4. We don't discriminate based on religious affiliation, ethnicity or nationality.
    우리는 종교적 소속, 인종이나 국적에 차별을 두지 않습니다.
  5. See McClelland, who identified needs for achievement, affiliation and power.
    성취, 제휴, 권력의 욕구를 확인한 McClelland를 참고.
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