as before

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  1. He starts breaking things as before.
    범인은 이전과 동일한 수법으로 편의점 내부를 부수기 시작합니다
  2. There's not as much blood in the field as before.
    -하지 마 -전처럼 출혈이 많지도 않아요
  3. But, uh, I'm not feeling the same rush as before.
    그런데 이전과 같은 '러시'가 느껴지지 않네요
  4. When I'm lonely, which is not nearly as often as before,
    외로울 때, 물론 이젠 그럴 때가 드물지만
  5. Same as before. I want to talk to him.
    아까 말했듯이요 내가 말해볼게요

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