back end

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  1. You lose traction and the back end kicks out.
    마찰을 잃고 차 뒤쪽에 힘이 가해지지.
  2. You're a technician, below the line. You don't get back end.
    넌 기술자야, 저임금 노동자라고 업계로 다시 돌아갈 수 있을 거야
  3. The back end of Rampart Ridge.
    램파트 리지의 후미 끝이야.
  4. Maybe, as a screenwriter, he knew he was going to take a bath on the back end.
    뭐, 시나리오 작가니까
  5. So, right now what they're offering is, you'll be deferring monies up front against a net profit percentage on the back end.
    그들이 제안하는 건 나중에 순이익과 대조해서 보수를 주자는 거야

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