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  1. I couldn't came before. What do you got?
    늦어서 미안해 일찍 올 수 없었어
  2. Vee, did you know that he's played nerve before? What?
    그 남자애 전에 너브한 거 알아?
  3. You get a few more days before "what happens next."
    당신은 며칠을 더 벌었네 무언가 일어나기전에
  4. I never smelled that before. What do you call it?
    처음 맡아 보는 향수인데 이름이 뭐야?
  5. He ain't never been laid before. What good is he?
    숫총각일 게 뻔한데 어디가 좋단 거야?

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