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  1. I can't calibrate my machine with all your incessant yammering.
    네가 하도 투덜대서 기계 측정이 안 되잖아
  2. It's just your depth perception trying to calibrate, yeah?
    거리 감각을 맞추려고 그러는 거야
  3. Calibrate fast. We're going in, right now.
    빨리 세팅해 지금 들어간다
  4. I have to calibrate your settings down to something a little less lethal.
    뭔가 약간 덜 치명적이게 설정을 낮춰야겠군.
  5. Tell them to put the spectrometers on the roof and calibrate them for gamma rays.
    분광기 측정치를 감마선에 맞춰요

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