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  1. The radioactive material has been identified as Cesium 137 Chloride.
    파악하기전까지 일을 계속하고 있어 방사능 물질이 염화세슘137이라 밝혀졌어요
  2. uh, saline has too much chloride, and that could cause acidosis in my patient.
    식염수에는 염화물이 많아 환자에게 산증을 일으킬 수 있으니까요
  3. See, they're made from a plastic compound called unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, or uPVC for short.
    그게 경질 폴리염화비닐이란 플라스틱 화합물로 만들어져요 줄여서 uPVC라고 하죠
  4. As you'll notice, its carpet fibers has elements of dirt, oil, and, oddly, potassium chloride.
    눈치챘다시피 특이하게 카펫 섬유에서 먼지와 기름 외에 염화 칼륨이 검출됐죠
  5. Now, this type of rock salt, it's composed of sodium chloride and contains traces of cyanide.
    이 암염은 염화나트룸 합성물이고 청산가리의 흔적이 있더군

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