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  1. With the angels' wings coloured red by Hubert himself!
    허버트가 스스로 천사의 날개에 빨간색을 칠한거 말이야.
  2. Was it the colour? - No.
    원피스 땜에 내가 엄청 뚱뚱해 보였죠 어찌나 창피하던지...
  3. What colour do you want? Brown.
    부엌 공사 할건데 어떤 색이 좋을거 같아?
  4. Why is your face all coloured in?
    왜 네 얼굴에 색칠을 한 거야?
  5. Look at that subtle off-white colouring, the tasteful thickness of it.
    환상적인 색채 Look at that subtle off-white coloring,

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