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  1. I was changing his compression socks and I saw this.
    제가 환자분 압박양말 갈아신기는 중에 이걸 발견했어요.
  2. Uh,I-I read a thing about swelling and compression of the ethmoid nerve.
    사골 신경 팽창과 압박에 관한 논문을 읽었어요
  3. Um, there's some compression, so I'd like to get in sooner than later.
    / - 글쎄 저기 압박이 보이니까 최대한 빨리 해야돼
  4. As I said before, this device has a high-frequency, fluctuating, sub-material compression --
    말했듯이요 이 장치는 고주파에 변동이 심한 서브 물질 압축이-
  5. Give me four clicks of compression.
    컴프레션 네 번 돌려
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