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  1. He was one of those transporters, who by the grace of countless activity, could carry unfathomable quantities in the deepness of his rectum, even if given a thorough ass check.
    어떤 물건이든 감옥 밖으로 잘도 빼돌렸다 그 깊숙이 단련된 자기 항문을 통해... 몸수색은 하나마나였다
  2. The "black portions are more black" and the "white portions more white," and the images have natural sensitive gradations and a deepness so vivid they seem real.
    "검은 부분은 더욱 검게", "흰 부분은 더욱 하얗게" 표현되며, 자연스러운 그라데이션과 깊이감으로 생생한 영상이 더욱 실제적으로 표현됩니다.
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