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  1. My every waking moment will be devoted to your well-being.
    내 모든 시간은 당신의 건강을 위해 소비돼요
  2. Surely you can see I'm devoted to Florence.
    내가 집사람에게 헌신적 이라는걸 자네도 알잖나
  3. Madam Florence,... he's devoted to you. He told me so.
    부인, 베이필드 씨 께선 부인께 헌신적이잖아요
  4. Because he has a sweet wife, devoted to him?
    헌신적이고 상냥한 그의 부인 때문에?
  5. Now, Lisa McCarthy said that they were very devoted to each other.
    리사 맥카시는 부부가 서로에게 굉장히 충실했다고 하던데
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