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  1. Speed differential won't be as critical as the distance.
    너가 빠르잖아 지금은 속도 보다는 거리가 더 중요해
  2. There are temperature differentials all over this ship.
    이 우주선 전체에 온도차가 있거든.
  3. You're testing his white blood cell differential.
    그의 백혈구 격차를 시험하셨어요?
  4. We hadn't invented differential equations...
    -미분 방정식은 없었을텐데 -맞아
  5. The differential for what you're describing is a mile long... gastroenteritus to inflammatory bowel disease.
    자네가 말하는 대로면 염증성 장질환일 수도 있잖아

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