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  1. Fines found out and now Logan's in a panic.
    다만 이번엔 벌금까지 맞아서 로건이 패닉 상태야
  2. The omelet fines herbes was divine but they spared every expense on the tea.
    오물렛이 도착햇습니다. 잘라놨네. 하지만 홍차가격이 너무 비싸구만,
  3. The fines for non-compliance are exorbitant.
    고마워요 벌금이 엄청나요
  4. Given that you were kind enough to publish details of your sales performance, we've estimated that you currently owe us £50,000 in unpaid tax and fines.
    이 부끄러운 자기 자랑이 저한테 굴러 들어오기 전까지요 누구야, 빈센트? 무슨 말이야?
  5. No fines were issued or further action required.
    이로 인해 부과된 벌금은 없거나 추후 조치가 요구되었습니다.

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