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  1. You gotta hate what you're firing at!
    허수아비를 나쁜놈이라고 생각하고 분노를 담아 쏘란 말이야!
  2. He was firing at you... why aren't you... more dead?
    그가 당신을 쐈잖아요 왜 당신은 다치지 않은거에요?
  3. Neighbor called in shots fired at 10:04 p.m.
    이웃이 10시 4분에 총이 발사됐다고 전화했어요
  4. You will kill the commander, if he fires at the squad.
    장교를 보면, 쏴! 만약 놈들이 부대원을 쏘면
  5. Oh, the night when there was a fire at Tomonaga's place?
    토모나가상네 집에서 불 난 날 말하는 거지?
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