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  1. And, Patrick, thank you for the fitness advice.
    아, 패트릭 근육 훈련 조언... 고마웠어요
  2. Did you work a lot on your fitness in prison, Frank?
    내가 맞았어 감옥에서 운동 많이 했어요?
  3. Buffalo gen's patient was 20 years old, in prime cardiac fitness.
    버팔로 젠의 환자는 20살이였고 심장도 건강했어
  4. Anyway, they sent over a list of tasks for ultimate mission fitness.
    어쨌든, 그 사람들이 최종 임무 목록표를 보내줬어요
  5. I bet if we got you on a really good fitness regime.
    좋은 프로그램을 병행하면 나아질 수 있어요

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