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  1. "a thousand pages, not including footnotes, the competition has been obliterated.
    "각주를 제외하고도" "1,000페이지에 달하는 분량은 타의 추종을 불허한다"
  2. Footnotes and everything. The complete work.
    각주까지 포함해서 완역하느라고요
  3. Their names will be footnotes in the annals of science after what's about to happen here.
    그들은 이제 과학역사에서 하찮은 존재로 전락하겠죠
  4. Soon we will have the contract and then you'll only be a footnote in the history of the new hell.
    계약서만 챙기면 세상은 지옥으로 바뀌고 그럼 넌 끝장나는 거야
  5. The defeated have no right to even a small footnote in the great book of history, because history is always written by winners.
    패배자란 위대한 역사책의 한 줄 차지할 자격도 없단다 역사란 언제나 승리자들이 쓰는 법이라 그렇단다
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