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  1. He'd quite happily stand here holding forth for hours
    여기 서서 네 시간은 기쁘게 떠들 수 있을 거에요
  2. I was double-booked going back and forth between ORs.
    수술방 앞 뒤로 열고 왔다 갔다 수술했죠
  3. "Yet all of them go forth, marching in rank.
    "그 모두는 네 번째가 되니 순서대로 행군해
  4. "Behold he who conceives mischief and brings forth falsehood.
    '악인은 죄악을 낳음이여' '재앙을 배어 거짓을 낳았도다'
  5. And so the druids became important advisors to the packs.
    다시 변하는지 알려줬지 how to shift back and forth.

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