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  1. This could be some kind of gestation period.
    일종의 임신기라고 할 수 있지
  2. And how long is a normal gestation period?
    평균 임신기간이 얼마지?
  3. Insemination is quick and solitary, and during gestation you'll be supporting and growing the Collective.
    수정은 빠르고 간단합니다 임신으로 당신은 콜렉티브를 지지하고 성장을 돕습니다
  4. You're one of ten people with access to the bacteria, the gestation period of which is three days.
    열명 중 한명이지 그것의 잠복기간은 3일이고
  5. Even if an enemy had harvested your DNA when you came out as Supergirl, the embryo would still be in gestation.
    네가 슈퍼걸 활동 시작할 때 적들이 네 DNA를 채취했어도 배아는 여전히 잉태중일거야

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