lung cancer

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  1. Your favorite uncle died of lung cancer.
    삼촌이 폐암으로 돌아가셔서 담배를 볼 때마다 경악한다고
  2. Recently I was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.
    최근에 전 암 4기 진단을 받았는데요.
  3. Phillip Morris hands out lung cancer on the hour, every hour.
    담배회사들은 한시간마다 폐암을 나눠 주고 있다네.
  4. I am the picture of health, and I have lung cancer.
    제가 건강함의 표본인데 폐암에 걸리다니요
  5. She had stage iv large cell lung cancer.
    폐 대세포 악성종양 4기야

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