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  1. You sure you're gonna be okay in here, Father?
    ("Freaks" by Machines Are People Too playing) 신부님, 여기에 있어도 진짜 괜찮으세요?
  2. I'm not sure you're making the point that you think...
    환상적인 날아다니는 기계 타셨어? or one of them new fancy flyin' machines?
  3. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russian Machines LLC, Moscow, Russia
    러시아 모스크바 Russian Machines LLC 이사회 의장 위원회 구성원:
  4. This content requires the base game Crazy Machines 2 on Steam in order to play.
    플레이하려면 Steam 버전인 Crazy Machines 2 기본 게임이 필요합니다.
  5. Dilo Machines does not guarantee the uninterrupted and flawless entry and operation of this website.
    Dilo Machines GmbH는 본 웹사이트 운영과 이용에 관하여 여하한 보증도 하지않음.

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