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  1. Victim number two, Rick Mendoza, had a direct personality.
    두번째 피해자 릭 멘도자는 직설적이었어요
  2. Mendoza, part of your job is to make sure these ovens are cleaned properly.
    멘도자, 이 오븐들을 깨끗하게 하는 것도 네 일이다
  3. The first two, Kevin Brown and Rick Mendoza, were murdered in their homes.
    첫번째, 두번째로 살해당한 케빈 브라운과 릭 멘도자는 각자 집에서 살해 되었고, 세번째 사람인 제시카 랜달은
  4. Born in 2009, the son of Marcello and Sylvia Ricardo, a working-class couple from Mendoza, he struggled all his life with the celebrity status thrust upon him as the world's youngest person.
    노동자인 마르셀로와 실비아 사이에서 2009년에 태어난 디에고는... 긴급 뉴스
  5. Nearest airport : Mendoza Int'l. at 20 kms.
    가장 가까운 공항 : 멘도사 국제. 20 킬로미터에.
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