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  1. You ever hear from Prewitt? Or that mouthy nigger Solomon?
    아니면 그 떠벌이 솔로몬 깜둥이는?
  2. Shoot the he-dwarves if they get mouthy.
    저 똥자루들, 떠들면 쏴
  3. He's saying the mouthy one's an idiot who wouldn't last a day on his own, and should go home.
    뭐래요? 말 많은 쟨 멍청해서 혼자선 하루도 못 버티니까 쫓아버리래
  4. Some of those kids have no place to live, so I'm the mouthy asshole who tries to place them.
    살 곳이 없는 아이들말이야 그리고 난 걔네 집을 찾아주려고 입을 터는 역할같은거지
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