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  1. His last notation was made yesterday, Thursday... 5:00 p.m., Jardin de Champs Elysees.
    비망록 하나. 마지막 기록은 어제, 목요일에 쓰여졌군요. 오후 5시, 쟈르딘, 샹젤리제
  2. This notation: Museums.
    이 기록이요 박물관
  3. Mr Brown, I have personally seen the back of the Declaration of Independence, and I promise you, the only thing there is a notation that reads,
    브라운씨, 제가 개인적으로 독립선언서 뒤를 봤을 때 거기에 아무런 메모도 없었다고 약속드릴 수 있어요
  4. It consists of a general tontine drawn up before the event of her husband's death 46 years ago, in combination with 635 amendments, notations, corrections, and letters of wishes executed during the subsequent decades.
    46년 전 남편의 사망 전에 함께 가입했던 톤틴 연금 서류가 있고 635건에 달하는 수정 사항
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