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  1. But Los Pepes wasn't something you could turn on and off.
    하지만 로스 페페스는 말을 들을 놈들이 아니었다
  2. Why are you switching the lights on and off?
    불은 왜 껐다 켰다 해?
  3. I can't just turn it on and off like a tap.
    내맘대로 껐다켰다 할 수 있는게 아냐
  4. And they turn their porn star on and off as needed.
    필요할 때마다 포르노 스타를 꺼내 쓰죠
  5. I see your husband everyday but you're sort of on and off
    뜸하게 오는 거 같애서 신랑은 맨날 보는데
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