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  1. She needs three people for a pap smear?
    팝 도말검사를 하는데 의사가 3명이나 필요한가요?
  2. Taught him about all the lines a pap can't cross.
    모든 선을 한번에 넘지말라고 가르쳤구요
  3. You get to play crappy pap you don't even want to listen to.
    정작 음악 들을 마음도없으면서 지랄맞게 연기는 왜 해요?
  4. Actually,it's not a pap smear.
    팝 도말검사가 아니에요
  5. She had had access to a free clinic, she probably would've had a pap smear every year and wouldn't be dealing with infertility and premature menopause at the tender age of 23.
    무료 진료소에 갈 수 있었더라면 매년 팝 도말검사를 받았을 테고 고작 스물셋에 조기 폐경이나 불임이 되지도 않았을 거예요

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