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  1. I've been going over your work on partitions.
    자네 분할 자료를 계속 검토해 봤는데
  2. If we really crack partitions, this will be a monumental breakthrough. (SIGHS)
    정말로 우리가 분할을 깬다면, 이건 기념비적인 전환점이 될 걸세
  3. Plug in the number, any number, and out comes the number of partitions.
    분할의 수가 나오는 거지 마술처럼
  4. Did you check for any hidden partitions?
    숨겨진 파티션은 찾아봤어?
  5. He says partitions can't be done.
    분할은 불가능하다고 하더구만

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