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  1. Private business. Put away your book' Mr. Brass.
    사적인 일이야, 책 치워, 브라스 씨
  2. This is Andy and Haley's private business.
    이건 앤디와 헤일리의 개인사에요
  3. It's private business. No messages.
    개인 용문데 말은 무슨
  4. Due to the credit crisis brought on by Five/Nine, many private businesses cannot afford waste management services, which has sparked a cottage industry of roadside garbage burning at discounted rates.
    문제가 되고 있습니다 5월 9일에 일어났던 해킹으로 신용카드가 먹통이 되면서 많은 사람들이
  5. No, and the government is currently over-regulating private businesses
    아니, 정부는 현재 민간 기업을 통해 조절된다
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