rat poison

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  1. I baked a pie full of rat poison.
    저는 쥐약이 들은 파이를 구웠어요.
  2. Yeah and I assume it's all laced with rat poisoning.
    그래, 쥐가 섞인 독약이 들어있겠지
  3. At least,this is the last time I'll have to eat your lousy rat poison.
    적어도, 이 술은 언제라도 마실수 있잖아요.
  4. She cheats on her husband with two different guys, wastes all his money, then kills herself with rat poison?
    우울하잖아요 두 남자와 바람나서 가산 탕진하곤 쥐약 먹고 자살해?
  5. It is a world heritage, arsenical rat poison from Iwami-silver-mine.
    No.9737 이와미긴잔 세계 유산, 이와미긴잔입니다.

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