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  1. Your breath stinks like a serpent, has anyone ever told you that?
    입에서 뱀처럼 썩은 내가 나네, 누가 말 안해주디?
  2. And slayer of the Ten Thousand Serpents in the Valley of Woe?
    "근심의 계곡"에서 1만 독사를 처치한 분?
  3. Soothsayers with their heads ripped backwards. - Serpents.
    목이 뒤로 꺾인 점쟁이들
  4. The future conjured up by the... that vile serpent... will not happen now.
    타락한 종이 마술로 혼령을 불러내는 일은 이젠 일어나지 않을거요
  5. Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it.
    하지만 속에는 무서운 뱀이 있지 안타깝구나... but be the serpent under it. [Whimpers]

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