settle down

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  1. Can't settle down until I get my career going.
    한 곳에 터를 잡을 수 없어요
  2. I will be here but not to settle down and plow!
    난 여기있을것이다. 그렇지만 여기 가만히 앉아 쟁기질이나 하고있진 않을거야!
  3. Anyway, until I settle down somewhere, I'll keep writing here.
    일단 정리될 때까지는 여기서 소설을 쓸게요
  4. Why don't we all just settle down for a minute?
    잠시만 서로 진정 좀 하면 어떨까?
  5. Everybody settle down! Because the brothers-in-law just got to town.
    형님과 제가 가는 곳에선 모두가 평온해지죠!

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