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  1. Is how shockingly unoriginal. Her inner life actually is.
    그녀 내면의 삶이 충격적일 정도로 독창적이지 않다는 걸 알려줬어
  2. But shockingly different from what you expect.
    기대했던 것보다 더 충격적이야
  3. Oh, I don't know, Rikers doesn't have cable, and they're shockingly low on quality board games.
    준비해 놓는것은 일도 아닐것 같군요 오, 글쎄, 라이커스 교도소는 케이블 TV가 안나온다고
  4. He has been cozied up there with his paramour, cohabitating with his paramour, and even, shockingly, fantastically, has proposed to this paramour despite the fact that he's still married to the mother of his four children.
    바로 저번주에 밝혀낸 바에 따르면 그는 정부와 그곳에서 알콩달콩, 둥지를 튼 상태였으며,
  5. Firat off, things are shockingly expensive here....More
    그 모든 빛나는 역사를 고려할 때 호텔은 ...더 보기

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