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  1. I felt squeamish, as if I'd been soiled.
    그가 건드린 옷도 보기 싫어지고... 뭘 하는 사람이었어?
  2. And the extra food he's been bringing home on sundays.
    송아지고기를 두드리는 것에도 구역질을 한다고. He gets squeamish pounding veal.
  3. I'm a little south of 60 and blood makes me squeamish.
    전 거의 60이 다되었고 내 피는 날 토하게해요
  4. I-I wouldn't have pegged you as the squeamish type.
    비위가 약할 줄은 몰랐는데요
  5. Jeff, if you're squeamish, just don't look.
    떨리다니, 난 떨리지 않아!
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