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  1. Or the maple syrup situation before that. (SIGHS)
    아니면 그 전의 메이플시럽 사건처럼 말이야
  2. This is maple syrup that Robert tapped from these very trees.
    이건 Robert가 직접 여기 나무들에서 갖고 온 메이플 시럽이구
  3. That don't smell like corn syrup.
    이건 옥수수 시럽 냄새가 안 나
  4. Ben, can you pour me more syrup, please?
    벤, 시럽 좀 더 주시겠어요?
  5. Did you not hear what she said about the pecan syrup?
    저 여자가 피칸 시럽 얘기하는거 들었어?

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