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  1. Hey, titans of residential real estate.
    거기 부동산 업계의 거물 양반들
  2. And some followers even took names to honor the titans instead of the gods.
    올림푸스의 신들보다 they owed their lives more to prometheus
  3. Not exactly "Clash of the titans."
    블록버스터급 영특함은 아닌데
  4. This Clash of the Titans right here is something we will not want to miss.
    이 거물들의 싸움은 한 순간도 놓칠 수 없죠
  5. Well, I wasn't gonna tell you guys, 'cause I knew you'd make a big fuss, but the Chamber of Commerce is giving me the Titans of Industry award.
    둘이 난리칠게 뻔하니 Well, I wasn't gonna tell you guys,
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