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  1. Tell me more about this tween and your ex-husband.
    네, 물론이죠 당신 전남편이 십 대와 결혼했다고요?
  2. Tween I can handle.
    십대 초반까진 괜찮아
  3. There is no sensitive way to tell somebody their soul has been sucked out by a prehistoric tween!
    누군가에게 선사시대의 10대에게 영혼이 빨렸단 얘기를 섬세하게 할 방법은 없다고!
  4. He went to the same school as Mitchell, and his mom was killed in action in Iraq when he was only a 'tween.
    미첼과 같은 학교에 다녔고 엄마는 그가 10대일 때 이라크에서 작전 수행 중에 죽었어요.
  5. Well, I would have been here on time if my ex-husband hadn't married a tween, or if my doctor had called in my child's asthma medication, or if my mother-mobile went faster than 4 miles per hour on the freeway.
    제 전남편이 십 대랑 결혼만 안 했어도 제 아들 천식약 문제로 의사가 전화만 했어도 제 엄마 일만 없었어도 안 늦었을 거예요
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