under oath

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  1. At least that's what she said, and will say under oath.
    적어도 그렇게 말했어, 법정에서도 증언할 거야
  2. Graves, the coroner, they swore under oath.
    담당형사, 법의학자, 모두들 증언했어.
  3. You got to get him on the stand, put him under oath.
    걔를 선서하게 하고 증인으로 세워야해요.
  4. You're under oath, ma'am. Mrs. Lassiter.
    선서를 한 걸 기억하세요.
  5. Just like you wouldn't want to have to say that under oath if you didn't have to.
    굳이 할 필요가 없는 말은 안 해도 되는 것 처럼요

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