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  1. It's their logical conclusion of Project Watchtower.
    프로젝트 와치타워의 결과물이죠 피노트랜스이 개발하고
  2. To get into that watchtower, I definitely need it.
    감시타워 들어가려면 꼭 필요해
  3. And everything about Project Watchtower was classified. I failed you.
    프로젝트 와치타워는 기밀이 돼버렸어
  4. If we're gonna get out of here, we're gonna need to get into that watchtower.
    여길 나가려면 저 감시타워에 들어가야 돼
  5. This particular episode is about sitting through a Watchtower Study.
    이 특정 에피소드에 대한 망루 연구를 통해 앉아있다.

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