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  1. Tuesdays, mow the lawn; Wednesdays, go visit Nana;
    화요일엔 잔디 깎기 수요일엔 나나 방문
  2. Some songs before tea, the rule on our alternate musical Wednesdays.
    차 마시기 전 노래는 격주 수요일의 습관이예요
  3. The girl who does the nails doesn't come in Wednesdays.
    손톱 전문은 수요일에나 출근 하는데요
  4. He was here a couple Wednesdays ago, remember?
    2주 전에 왔었잖아 기억나지?
  5. What about Mondays and Wednesdays after school?
    방과후 월요일과 수요일 어때?

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