about turn 예문

"about turn" 뜻  


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  1. Handled your business. What about turning the other cheek?
    본인의 일은 본인이 수습하고 말이야
  2. When I thought about turning that gun on our children...
    제가 애들한테 총을 겨누는 생각을..
  3. It's so dark in here. How about turning on some lights?
    캄캄한데, 불은 왜 안 켜?
  4. Chief, you know this is all about turning over the tables for her.
    과장님도 그 여자가 자기 편하자고 이러는거 아시잖아요
  5. Think about turning yourself in, my love. Think of your family.
    자수를 생각해봐요 가족도 생각하시구요

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