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"about when" 뜻  


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  1. What about when she held the retractor six hours?
    엄마가 6시간 동안 움직임도 없이 견인기 잡고 있던 얘긴 어때?
  2. I was thinking about when my dad got shot.
    내는 아부지가 총에 맞은거 생각하고 있섯재..
  3. Is there any news about when our car might be fixed?
    소식은 없나요 ? 당신말로는 당신 아들이 2시간 전에
  4. Tell us more about when you'll be king.
    왕이 되는 얘기 더 해줘요
  5. All this pressure about when the boy's fangs were coming out.
    이건 모두 저 아이의 송곳니가 나와서지

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