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  1. I was just-- i was adapting.
    전 그저.. 적응 중이었어요
  2. The virus is adapting.
    바이러스가 자기적응을 했어요.
  3. Finally, we will explore our cities to see how life is adapting to the newest habitat on Earth.
    또한, 우리가 만든 도시가 이곳에 적응한 생명들에게
  4. Um, the plants are adapting better than we hoped. They weren't ready, but the feed systems are up and running and, I'm very happy with the work.
    식물들은 생각보다 잘 적응하고 있어요.
  5. Is your website adapting to changing mobile network conditions?
    귀사의 웹사이트는 변화하는 모바일 네트워크 환경에 따라 적응합니까?

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