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  1. Is that a subtle way of suggesting that I shouldn't say anything?
    풍자 이야기로 시작하는 건 어때요? that it's an allegory for mccarthyism?
  2. Well, why don't you start by telling them that it's an allegory for mccarthyism?
    뭐라고 할지 모르겠네요 what I'm gonna say.
  3. Rather, the film maker has tried to recreate the poet's inner world, through the trepidations of his soul, widely utilizing the symbolism and allegories specific to Medieval Armenian poet-troubadours.
    그보다, 감독은 중세 아르메니아 음유시인 특유의 상징과 우화를 폭넓게 이용하고,
  4. Christ typology in the Old Testament is NOT allegory.
    그들은 옛날의 어려움을 잊지 않으려 고난의 역사를 ‘기억’하는 것이다.
  5. Allegories of Displacement , Westport Arts Center, Westport, USA
    이동의 알레고리 , 웨스트포트 아트센터, 웨스트포트, 미국

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