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  1. We understand you're using the full allocation for this buy.
    정말 그 돈을 다 줄 생각인가?
  2. Your allocation of revenue... perspective payment for MS-DRGs versus capitation income?
    수익 할당량이나 예상 MS-DRG 지불금에 비해
  3. We're finishing the share allocation.
    주식 배당을 마무리 중이에요
  4. Section 15, allocation of equipment, basically states that all of Seattle Grace Mercy West medical devices, radiology equipment, etcetera, will be distributed between Pegasus' existing facilities at their discretion...
    조항 15번 장비의 할당에 관하여 기본적으로 SGMW의 모든 의료장비,
  5. But, I did some digging into the budget allocation for New York and as it turns out, Litchfield actually got an increase over the last five years of $2.3 million.
    그런데 제가 뉴욕시의 예산 배분을 좀 찾아봤습니다 글쎄 리치필드교도소는 올해 예산이 증액되었지 뭡니까? 지난 5년간 26억 씩이나요

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