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  1. Mmm. There's not a single mention of erotic asphyxiation anywhere.
    달리기 좋은 날씨네요 책에는 에로틱한 질식에 대한 언급이 없어요
  2. Could be. I mean, what if this is all about erotic asphyxiation?
    그럴 수 있죠 제 말은 이 모든게 에로틱한 질식사 게임이라면요?
  3. C.O.D. was asphyxiation as a result of ligature strangulation.
    사망원인은 교살에 의한 질식이다.
  4. According to the doctor's notes, the cause of death was asphyxiation.
    사망 보고서를 보면 질식사였네요
  5. It lists his cause of death as asphyxiation.
    문제가 되지 않을거야

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