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  1. Will and I have discussed this, at length, ok?
    윌이랑 전 이 문제로 정말 오래 고민했었어요, 아시겠어요?
  2. I've spoken at length about it with their lawyers.
    그 쪽 변호사들이랑 길게 말해봤지만 안타깝게도
  3. And I will apologize to you later, at length.
    그랬어야 했어 나중에 자세히 해명할게
  4. April spoke to him at length. He was very helpful.
    에이프릴이 목사님께 말씀드렸더니 도와주시겠다고 했어
  5. I thought now would be a good time to apologize to you, at length, as promised. - There's no need.
    지금이 사과하기 좋은 때인 것 같아 약속한 대로 상세하게

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